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Almost 4 Months Missing, Search Aircraft Malaysia Airlines Hope on Raw Satellite Data Release?

Tears from families of passengers and crew of the Boeing 777 - 200ER belonging to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 coded missing since March 8, 2014 welcomed the release of the raw data last Inmarsat satellite digital communication with the plane , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .

Families of passengers and crew is hoped this data will be the data analysis involving more experts . Raw data communication ” handshaking ” aka log-on confirmation of the plane with the satellite network is presented in the report of 47 pages .

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The Malaysian government released the digital communication of data through three months after the missing plane continues to the relatives of the victims . Malaysian Government accused of deliberately covering some information disappearance of this aircraft .

" When we first asked for the data that is more than two months ago , I never dreamed it would be like an impassable obstacle , " said Sarah Bajc , one of the partners of passenger nationality United States , told Reuters in Beijing , China .

The investigators used data from the Inmarsat end the trip concluded plane in the Indian Ocean , on the west side of Australia . Malaysian investigators suspect someone in the deadly aircraft data communication MH370 which makes the plane undetected .

However , so far no suspicious findings related to the track record of all passengers and crew . Meanwhile , Inmarsat satellite recorded a number of ” handshake ” from the missing plane , summed up as the plane is still flying for many hours after the last communication with the aircraft control tower case.

Inmarsat noted ” handshake ” the plane started on March 8, 2014 at 00:41 local time ( 16:41 GMT , March 7, 2014 ) and ended at 08:19 local time ( 00:19 GMT , March 8, 2014 ) .

These data also noted there are two ” phone calls ” . Inmarsat communications spokesman said the call was made ​​by Malaysia Airlines ground staff at 18:39 GMT and 23:13 GMT . Both calls received a response from the aircraft . Information about these phone calls have been revealed before the release of the data on Tuesday .

Meanwhile , Malaysian officials refused to answer all questions related to the raw data of this satellite . The Inmarsat spokesman stated all data owned by Inmarsat has been included in this document . ” ( The report ) 47 This page has been representing all communication log data we have in relation to flight MH370 to an end , ” the spokesman said .

Bajc said the victim’s family has been getting advice from the experts tracking the flight that the raw data will allow independent experts also analyze whether there needs to be improvements over the search area . This data can also be used to check whether the analysis Inmarsat and investigators have so far missed something or not .

However , the report complains Bajc finally submitted to the public this is a report with the data that has been deleted on the grounds it easier to read , the same as the data previously provided service flights at the request of the family anyway . ” Why did they do that ? ” Bajc asked . ” It only makes sense if they are hiding something . “

Based on calculations of data ping and speed of the aircraft , so far leads to the conclusion probably dropped from aircraft cruising altitude after flying for 7 to 8 hours since communication ” normal ” disconnected . Last contact in the satellite data are consistent with the calculation of reserve capacity in aircraft fuel .

Currently , the search is still focused on location is about 1,550 kilometers north-west of Perth , Australia . Location search is narrowed by an acoustic signal that is believed to come from the plane’s black box before it runs out of battery devices .

Up to now search the widest and most involve many countries in the history of airlines have not found any trace of the plane. Investigation authorities claimed it took one year to explore the search area of 60,000 square kilometers .

Malaysia , China , and Australia said it had agreed to re-examine all the data related to the missing plane to start a new phase of the search . New phase in question is a quest into the sea , after a search of the water surface was fruitless .

Some speculation emerged during this search effort . No less than former President BJ Habibie, who is internationally recognized as an expert also believes plane this plane had exploded at an altitude of 10 kilometers . Another opinion that surfaced was the location of the search is currently one place .


Winning in Pileg, PDI-P Kendal Targets 65 Percent Vote for Jokowi-JK

Chairman DPC PDIP Kendal , Central Java Widya Kandi Susanti acquisition target 65 percent of the vote for the vice - presidential partner Jokowi - JK in the region . For the sake of realizing the target of the sound , it will coordinate with several party supporters , including PKB , Hanura , and Nasdem .

" We have also formed a volunteer award Jokowi - JK to realize these targets , " said Widya , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

Widya explained , the target for the JK Jokowi quite realistic . Because Kendal including PDI-P and PKB base . Evidently , the pileg yesterday , PDI-P and PKB obtain sound gain 115 473 86 176 votes.

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" PDI-P and PKB first order second in the vote pileg yesterday , " he said .

According to Widya , vice president- winning team Jokowi - JK in Kendal will be declared after the date of June 1, 2014 . Governor and deputy governor of Central Java plans to attend the declaration.

" Mr. Ganjar and Mr. Hill as the PDI-P cadres will be present in the declaration ," he added .

Meanwhile , one of the volunteer coordinators Jokowi - JK in Kendal , Masdiono , admitted his side had to coordinate multiple elements in society who voluntarily register as a volunteer Jokowi - JK . They come from workers , artists , employees , and others .


Ask DKPP Total Coming Presidential Election Evaluation Commission

Honor Council Election ( DKPP ) to make sure it got as much as 2,497 complaints of election -related suspected electoral violations . Thus , DKPP asked the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) to evaluate the total center of subordinates.

According to the Chairman of DKPP Jimly Asshiddiqie , the total evaluation needs to be done to alert the election management ahead of presidential elections ( presidential ) July 9.

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" So I urge all of the organizers of the election must be held by a total evaluation due later this election is close at hand , " said Jimly , DKPP Office , Jakarta , Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) .

He explained that the main reason why the Commission was asked to evaluate the total of his men , because the election is considered more sensitive than pileg . Thus, the needs and interests of the Commission is to minimize the possibility of electoral violations committed his men .

Moreover , he continued , the implementation of the presidential election later followed participants only two pairs of candidates . While the legislative elections ( pileg ) , the total number reached tens of thousands of people . Therefore , the Commission assessed the burden lighter.

"It should be believed this election is easier to manage because it does not like ( pileg ) yesterday , " he continued .


Before Safari Politics, Prabowo Leads Campaign Meeting

Chairman of the Board of Trustees meeting Gerindra winning lead him and his partner , Hatta Rajasa , the presidential election of 2014. Meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council ( DPD ) Gerindra from all over Indonesia .

" The coordination meeting of all chief DPD , discuss technical issues , " Prabowo said Gerindra DPP Office , South Jakarta , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

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Prabowo asserted , strategies it will use to win in the election is to strengthen the network throughout the region . Gerindra shaft will also ask community leaders in each region to join a winning team .

" There is no other way but down to people , socialize our program , and ask for a mandate from the people , " he said .

Based on information collected , Prabowo scheduled to begin his political safari this weekend . The first is the selected provinces of East Kalimantan . ” These guys know better , ” said Prabowo , as confirmed on the political agenda in East Kalimantan .

Mate Prabowo - Hatta carried by the shaft Gerindra with PKS , PAN , PPP , PBB , and the Golkar Party . They will face a pair Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla - supported four political parties , the PDI-P , PKB , Nasdem Party , and Hanura . Democrats currently choose not involved in the election or neutral after failing to form a new shaft to carry the Democratic presidential candidate of the Convention participants .


Parliament House Armed Group Attack Libya

Libyan Parliament again attacked . Armed groups ridden former Libyan army colonel who attacked the building became one of the important place in the Libyan Government .

From the description of the Libyan news agency , Lana , before the attack , an armed group close all the way toward the National Capitol . They also force all members of Congress to go out of the building .

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Known , this is the group bersanjata loyalists of Colonel Khalifa Haftar . As a result of this incident , one soldier reportedly killed loyalist Haftar .
Attackers also interfere with the working of the Libyan Parliament is preparing menghelat Presidential election . In addition , police also said that Libya would continue to counterterrorism efforts in order to enhance security during the election .
"The people of Libya will not turn into the center receives state terrorism and extremist activity , " said Police Chief Col. Libya , Mokhtar Fernana , as quoted from 3News , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .
Despite the attack , until now there has been no immediate comment from Libyan Parliament . They just expect the Libyan authorities to exert all his strength to counter terrorism .


Golkar Chairman: Decision Coalition Specified in Rapimnas

DPP Chairman of Golkar Party Hajriyanto Y Thohari say , the direction of the coalition party’s decision will be determined at the meeting of national leaders . The news said that Golkar would move closer to the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle regarded as preliminary talks as an ingredient in decision making in rapimnas .

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" Before rapimnas , no formal decision , " said Hajriyanto when met at the office of Indonesian Political Indicators , Cikini , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

Hajriyanto said , in doing rapimnas , should begin by looking for the subject to be discussed in rapimnas . The subject was obtained from communications made by various political parties in order to form a coalition .

Hajriyanto not agree if his party was hastily considered in determining the direction of his coalition . According to him , political parties and other presidential candidates that do not yet exist declarations . Thus, he said , what took place in the same Golkar as the other party .

Earlier, Deputy Treasurer of the Golkar Party said Bambang Soesatyo , Golkar will likely join the PDI shaft with supporting senior Golkar politician , Jusuf Kalla , vice president become candidates for Jokowi accompany the presidential election of 2014. According to him , the decision to move closer to the shaft PDI - P will be taken in the National Leadership Meeting ( Rapimnas ) Golkar Party which was held on May 17 at the Jakarta Convention Center Hall .

If Golkar officially joined to the shaft PDI - P , said Bambang , the Bakrie position will be behind the scenes with the Chairman of Megawati’s PDIP . Both political figures it will directly lead Jokowi- Kalla winning the 2014 presidential election .


Up Rp 6 thousand , Antam Makin Gold Sparkle

The price of gold being sold by PT Aneka Tambang Tbk ( Antam ) rose sharply today . Gold production of this state-owned company rose 6,000 per gram . Thus , the price of 1 gram of gold Antam set at Rp537.000 .

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As quoted from Logammulia , Monday ( 04/05/2014 ) , the repurchase price ( buy-back) also rose to Rp477.000 . While the price of gold 2 grams currently in the price of Rp1 , 034 million at a price of Rp517 thousand per gram , and 2.5 grams of gold price of parking in R1 , 282 million at a price of Rp513 thousand per gram .

3 grams gold price stood at R1 , 533 million at a price of Rp511 thousand per gram . 4 grams of gold sold Rp2 , 032 million at a price of Rp508 thousand per gram . 5 grams of gold sold Rp2 , 540 million at a price of Rp508 thousand per gram .
The price of gold is 10 grams sold Rp 5, 030 million at a price of Rp503 thousand per gram . The price of gold 25 grams priced at Rp12 , 500 million at a price of Rp500 thousand per gram , 50 gram gold sold Rp24 , 950 million at a price of Rp499 thousand per gram .

The price of gold 100 grams sold Rp49 , 850 million at a price of Rp498 , 5 thousand per gram . While 250 grams of gold sold at the price of Rp124 , 50 million with a sales price of Rp498 thousand per gram .


"Disturb May 25, 2014, Russia Will ‘Rain’ Additional Sanctions"

U.S. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday ( 02/05/2014 ) , warned Russia that they would impose additional sanctions over key sectors of the economy in Moscow , when the state interfere with the elections in Ukraine on May 25, 2014 .

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" If we see the disruption and destabilization are so severe that continues to hinder the election on May 25 , we have no choice but to move forward with the addition of more severe sanctions , " Obama said .

Merkel also ensure that additional sanctions will not pass May 25, 2014 . “There will be further from the May 25, 2014 . If stabilization can not be done until that date , additional sanctions will be imposed . ” He said the sanctions will likely also have a devastating impact on Russia .

Obama and Merkel said that they agreed to provide tougher sanctions on Russia , but still advanced talks about how the sanctions imposed . Elections in Ukraine will choose a successor to President Viktor Yanukovich , the pro - Russian leader who resigned after protests rocked glow .

Yanukovich ‘s resignation has provoked the worst crisis between Russia and the West after the Cold War era . United States and its allies in Europe continue to observe the movement of 40,000 Russian troops were assembled at the eastern border of Ukraine .

They also look at the takeover of buildings in cities in eastern Ukraine by armed militants of pro - Russian . American and European countries have warned that the invasion would trigger immediate economic sanctions by the destructive force expanded .

In recent weeks , the pro - Russian separatists have triggered turmoil in eastern Ukraine , something the West seen as an attempt by Russian President Vladimir Putin invited the Russian intervention .

The pattern used is considered similar to that applied to the annexation of the Crimea in March 2014 . U.S. officials said , the next round of sanctions can affect important parts of the Russian economy , such as energy , defense , financial services , and engineering .


John Reid , Create World’s Largest Balloon Sculpture

John Reid , a balloon artist from New York , United States ( U.S. ) , managed to build a sculpture made ​​of balloons . One balloon sculpture shaped robot in the Transformers movie set as the world’s largest balloon sculpture .

Reid began making this unique sculpture from 24 April 2014 to be exhibited at the Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience on 25 April 2014 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in the United States ( U.S. ) .

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Balloon sculptures as high as 15 meters ( m ) was made for 42 hours using 4,302 balloons in purple , green , white , black , and gray . Reid helped 10 other volunteers had to struggle a bit to form the balloon so doing kneeling position .

" I am very proud and absolutely delighted able to make it . Documentation I have set up the video when I made ​​it and will submit it to the Guinness World Records so they can verify my work , " said Reid . Thus quoted from Oddity Central , Saturday ( 03/05/2014 ) .

The verification process is carried out by the Guinness World Records will take as long as three months before the record is confirmed . But , for the Record Holders Republic representative has confirmed that Reid made ​​balloon sculptures become world’s largest balloon sculpture made ​​by one person .


Agri sector Inhibitory JCI

The Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) moved higher in early trading today . However, the weakening of agri hamper stock index .

JCI , in early trading on Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) rose 15.27 points, or 0.5 percent, to 4855.42 . LQ45 rose 3.31 points, or 0.4 percent, to 818.27 . While MNC36 index rose 1.11 points, or 0.5 percent . Then JII rose 0.77 points, or 0.1 percent, to 648.44 .

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Supporting sector stock indexes also moved higher majority . The financial sector rose 5.1 points, or 0.8 per cent , the property sector rose 1.68 points, or 0.4 percent . While agri sector fell 25.01 points, or 1 percent .

The value of transactions recorded Rp69 , 29 billion with a volume of 100.1 million shares . A total of 76 stocks rose , 39 stocks fell and 60 shares stagnant .

Shares moved higher ( top gainers ) , among others, PT Gudang Garam Tbk ( GGRM ) rose 1,000 into Rp57.500 , PT United Tractors Tbk ( UNTR ) rose Rp225 be Rp21.925 and PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk ( BBRI ) rose Rp 100 to Rp 10,000 .

While stocks moved lower ( top losers ) , among others, PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk ( UNVR ) down Rp275 be Rp28.975 , PT Indocement Tbk ( INTP ) down Rp150 to Rp21.800 and PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk ( AALI ) down Rp100 to Rp29.300 .

Meanwhile , the major Asian indices moving in either direction . The Nikkei fell 51.5 points, or 0.36 percent, to 14,433 , the Hang Seng Index rose 38.75 points, or 0.18 percent, to 22 172 and Straits Times fell 8.6 points, or 0.26 percent, to 3,256 .