Lobster Price Drops Up to 50 %

Lobster prices in Tabanan had touched USD 450 thousand per kg . However , this time the price plummeted to become Rp200 thousand per kg .

The drop in the price of lobster , making fishermen in Tabanan , Bali which has been relying on income from lobsters feel distraught .

" Of the 10 units traps , today I just got a small lobster tail size of 100 grams which is valued collectors Rp20 thousand , " said Wayan Italien , a fisherman in Yeh Gangga .

According Italien , the results obtained are not in accordance with the operational costs due to tidal traps at sea , he spent the money to buy 2 kg of bait fish lemuru Rp 30 thousand and 5 liters of petrol Rp35 thousand . “If the price dropped so lose the pack looking for lobster , ” he complained .

Italien and other fishermen in the Ganges Yeh do not know for sure why lobster prices plummeted . And now he thinks elusive lobsters that should make the price to be expensive . ” Now lobster rare , but why even drop prices , ” a senior official nyoman , other fishermen in Yeh Gangga .

Lobster collectors in Yeh Gangga , Tabanan , Dewa Gede There is also the owner of UD Artana Sincere lobster Lobster justify the price at this time is low . He does not know for sure what causes it , but presumably because other countries were abundant production .

" Lobster has become a commodity export . Inventory if the market price is usually abundant abroad dropped , " he said .

Friends Not Sangka Pure Lover Killed

Parents and friends Murniasih ( 25 ) claim to be surprised to hear the victim was killed by her boyfriend , PM ( 65 ) . At first they thought that the victim had died of other events .

" Initially dikirain accident . Shocked and I just heard that news like this . Fact two days ago I was met and ngecenin him , " said Dewi ( 20 ) , one roommate Pure , when met at the sidelines of the cemetery in Kampung Asem , Kebun Pala , Makasar , East Jakarta , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

According to Dewi , Pure is a well known figure among his boarding friends . Pure is always cheerful in the eyes of his friends . However , behind the joy , the Goddess did know of a relationship between Pure and AM .

However , the Goddess did not want to say much about the relationship of different age Pure away with AM . However , the last word that he knew the victim had an argument over the phone with AM .

"If I did know ( do ) . Newsletter father boarding the story he ( the victim ) received a call from actor and fight . Weve already too long ( do ) , " said Dewi . Knowledge of the Goddess , Pure does not work .

His friend , occasionally working as a singer at a café in the Kalimalang . ” He’s singing in a cafe in Kalimalang wrote , ” Dewi said .

Previously reported , Pure was found dead covered in blood with a number of used sharps injuries and blunt in his body . Police assure AM as the murder suspect .

Pure AM snuff because victims are often asking motif him money . Pure also asked to marry . It then makes the perpetrator stabbed the victim .

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After killing Pure , AM had attempted to end his life by attempting suicide anyway . He suffered injuries in the hand and neck veins . The case was handled Kramat Jati Police .


LG G3, As His form this the Later?

The owner of the Twitter account @ evleaks back whistleblowers to upload a picture LG’s flagship smartphone that has never been officially disclosed.
Smartphones are on the front says ‘isai’ it shows the design appears similar to the LG G2.

Yup, as presented above, the mysterious LG’s smartphone that looks to have a thin bezel screen treats more towering upwards.

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Given LG is often referred to preparing the next flagship is often referred to as the LG G3. Speculation is growing, it may be the appearance of smartphones in the above is a manifestation of the successor to the LG G2.

However, according to leaks revealed @ evleaks, which looks over the smartphone is called only to be launched in Japan. So, although likely not exactly the same, at least LG G3 is estimated to have approached the design of smartphones sightings above. For that, we’ll wait.


Tips For Business Online Consumer Trust

I want to ask you about the problems that I face , I plan to make an online store , and I know that the main problem in the online store is belief of the consumers .

How do you think the solution that consumers can trust the online store will I make ?

I hope you can help me . Thank you .

Ayu Purnama

Answer :

Dear Ayu Purnama ,

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One key to success in running an online business is the confidence of consumers to transact with us , because in fact consumers do not face to face and not see directly the products we offer .

For that there are some tips that consumers feel confident to transact with us :

1 . Use a wide variety of communication channels that make the consumer can easily contact you through various means such as email , social media , SMS , and instant messenger .

2 . Always respond to any inquiries and communications from consumers quickly and well . It will make consumers feel safe and well served .

3 . Because consumers can not see straight and holding your product , then show the products that you offer in the internet with detail . Show pictures of products with attractive as possible , even if I have to enlist the help of a professional photographer . If your product is in the form of goods , the goods mentioned details of its size , made ​​of what , or how much weight , and so on .

4 . Provide accounts from several different banks to enable customers to make payments . Consumer immediately confirm the payment when you have received , and give estimates the product will arrive at the address consumer . To be more convincing , evidence mentioned product delivery receipt number that you send to the consumer .

5 . Open to criticism and suggestions . There are times when the goods are received by the consumer turns out not in accordance with the existing image , answer the complaint properly and do not reply with the words behind the attack although it may be a mistake not to you as the seller .

6 . Refund guarantee program Make money if the items received do not match consumer expectations or damaged by postage borne by the buyer . While it may be detrimental to you , just think of it as your advertising costs for consumer satisfaction .

7 . Ask the positive testimony from satisfied consumers . It will make more people believe in your credibility .

Thus the answer to me , congratulations to run your online business .

Regards ,


Tonight, Jokowi Sambangi Mega in Kebagusan

Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle Joko Widodo went to the residence of the Chairman of the PDI - P of Megawati Sukarnoputri , in Kebagusan , South Jakarta , Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) night . He came with a white Innova car B 1567 PRA white .

Monitoring the location , right at 19:50 am, the car carrying Jokowi arrived at Kebagusan . On the back of the car , there are two car guards and an officer of Department of Transportation is using a large motor .

Arriving at the site , Jokowi had opened his car window glass . He was wearing a white shirt , but it seems clear to whom he was in the car .

Since Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) morning , the bustle invisible means at Megawati ‘s residence . During the day at around 12:50 pm , a senior PDI - P politician and Vice Chairman of the House Pramod Anung known Megawati into the house . Later known Pramod came to talk with securing Megawati PDI -P in the legislative elections and Jokowi companion candidates in the presidential election .

About two hours later , Deputy Secretary General of the PDI - P Hasto Kristianto come . Not long ago , Pramod out leaving Megawati ‘s residence .

Post - implementation of the April 9 legislative elections , meetings are often conducted by a number of elite PDI - P . In addition to the Kebagusan , the meeting agenda was held at the residence of another Mega , Jalan Teuku Umar , Central Jakarta .

Elites PDI - P also has to establish communication with other parties related exploratory elite coalition , of which the Chairman of the PAN Hatta Rajasa , Golkar chairman Bakrie, Chief Executive of the Democratic Party Syarif Hasan , and Nasdem Party Chairman Surya Paloh .

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Until this news was aired , has not obtained information Jokowi meeting agenda with Megawati . Some security guards appear on guard in front of the residence of the President of the Republic of Indonesia ‘s fifth .


The fate PDIP After legislative elections in 2014

Megawati faces happy. He was pleased to see on a quick count pollsters Indonesian Voice Network ( JSI ) . The wide screen is mounted in the front yard of his house in Kebagusan , South Jakarta , showing the positions of the PDI-P perched in first place with 18.75 percent of the vote at 18:30 pm , Wednesday ( 09/04/2014 ) .

Megawati and shook hands with her ​​daughter Puan Maharani and party officials bull bearing it . He then went into his house . While the ladies are still receiving congratulations .

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About 30 minutes later , Megawati and Puan out of the house . They held a press conference . This time face Megawati changed . Sweat dripped looks on the faces of the President to the RI - 5 . Every now and then he wiped his sweat with a tissue in his hand . Megawati ‘s eyes also filled with tears .

" Thank God ‘ve been following since this afternoon until tonight through internal PDI quick count . I would like to thank the people who provide support to the PDI-P , " Megawati said the news conference began .

Proclaimers Sukarno ‘s daughter and was looking for a word to express the victory of the PDI-P . ” The results of monitoring for pileg in 2014 , we are winning or what? Yeah we number one on the tally while , ” Megawati said with a smile .

Megawati’s PDI-P revealed ahead in 15 provinces . Victory PDIP seen in Bali , North Sulawesi , West Kalimantan , Jakarta , Yogyakarta , Maluku , Bangka - Belitung , Central Kalimantan , Central Java , Lampung , East Kalimantan , North Sumatra , West Java , and Banten Bengkulu . ” Thank God , ” he said .
He also appreciates the decreasing number of non-voters in the 2014 election . It was a sign of the voters ultimately vote.


Samsung Hold Sungkyunkwan University Working Device Concept Clothing

Team Samsung Electronics Advanced Research Institute of Technology ( SAIT ) took Sungkyunkwan University made ​​a breakthrough for nanotechnology presents a new conductive device that will be developed into a new generation of tools and clothing ( wearable device) .

Korea has long been a pioneer in the field of semiconductors and silicon technologies . With the face of fierce competition from China , Korea needs to develop alternative materials for the manufacture of chips for circuits on silicon chips can not physically be narrowed to five nanometers . Samsung and Sungkyunkwan University have partnered in the field of nanotechnology research since 2006 .

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A team from the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology ( SAIT ) and Sungkyunkwan University developed a simple method to synthesize graphene manufacturing to create the potential for a material which is simple yet has a large enough capability .
Graphene consists of a single layer of carbon atoms and is touted to have the potential to replace silicon in computing chip . This material is 100 times stronger than steel and allows electrons to travel 100 times faster than copper and silicon . But because it happened in a pile of broken pieces , place them in a sheet is very complicated .

The technology was developed by a team of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology ( SAIT ) and Sungkyunkwan University can be commercialized and formulated into the making of a flexible display . And graphene processors are likely to be used for the manufacture of Samsung future processor chip .


Start breaking up the territory of Ukraine

In Donetsk and in the cities of east Ukraine other , mostly Russian-speaking citizens , it appears there is real discontent against the new government in Kiev , which had been in power since President Viktor Yanukovych escape when street protests peaked .

However, this region is not very pro - Russian than the Crimea , and analysts say Russia will find it difficult and more complicated to deploy troops there , as reported by the Guardian newspaper on Tuesday ( 8/4 ) .

In Donetsk two days ago , the regional administrative center and surrounded by barbed wire tire while waving Russian flags . In Lugansk , a city in the east of the other , the campaigners have seized buildings belonging to the security services .

In Kharkov , two protests , one of which supports the unity of Ukraine and other pro - Russian , clashed along the lines of police in the afternoon .

The protesters believed to be carried out by a small minority groups in every town . Nevertheless , Russia complained that the eastern and southern Ukraine were not given a voice in the new government that has been echoed by several people in Kiev alone .

Mustafa Nayem , a journalist who was also one of the instigators of the protests that led to the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych , complaining that the new government is not doing enough to ensure action in the eastern region .

" Since Viktor Yanukovych escape , more than a month ago , and since then none of the leaders of the new government has been representing Donetsk , Kharkov or Lugansk . Unclear who is representing the interests of the people in this area at the national level , " wrote Nayem The Facebook page on Sunday.

He said the government should hold a cabinet meeting in the east , visiting local elite and involve them in making decisions , rather than sitting in Kiev as a coward .

Two days ago , the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko , who also fought in the planned presidential elections held on 25 May fly to Donetsk for consultation .

Ukraine has been shaken due to the loss of territory into the hands of Russia’s Crimean peninsula , where in the morning there are reports that a Ukrainian army officer has been shot dead by a Russian soldier .

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Russia now has full control over the area , and Ukrainian Ministry of Natural Resources estimates that the country has lost $ 121.9 billion ( 10 billion U.S. dollars ) of natural resources and other assets as a result of the annexation .


Cut The Rope 2 is Now Available on Android, Free!

Once launched for iOS devices , a popular puzzle game on mobile devices - Cut the Rope 2 - finally lands on Android also . This game is available for download Android device users via Google Play Store .

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Cut the Rope is a puzzle game genre where players are tasked to feed the main character of this game , namely Om Nom , by cutting the rope and rely on physical force to drop food .

Cut the Rope 2 equipped Android version 120 levels , with some new power , the mission of ” fruit ” for each level of additional , new, interactive maps , and much more . There is also a new character that will help Om Nom namely Toss , Boo and Blue .

" Fans have been eagerly awaiting our Android Cut the Rope 2 since the game was first available in iOS in December , " said Misha Lyalin , CEO of ZeptoLab in a written statement .

" We have worked hard to bring new challenges to the content and the free version of this game , while maintaining all the fun and simplicity , " wrote Misha .

Cut the Rope 2 was first released for iOS devices in December 2013 at a price of $ 0.99 in the App Store . But this game for Android can be downloaded for free . This game will also be present in the Amazon AppStore starting today .

Cut the Rope 2 can be played on mobile devices with at least Android 2.2 operating system and above. Some reports indicate that the game was not compatible alias can not be played on the device operating system Android 4.4 KitKat .

(see also: situs tempat download Mp3 terbaru)

In addition to announcing the presence of Cut the Rope 2 version of Android , the game developer ZeptoLab the data also revealed that Cut the Rope has reached about 500 million downloads .

source:http://news. liputan6 .com/

TRAFFIC membantu untuk cakar kembali perdagangan burung paruh bengkok di India

Seekor burung beo di penangkaran adalah salah satu simbol lebih terlihat dari perdagangan ilegal di India , di mana semua satwa liar asli sepenuhnya dilindungi . Untuk membantu aparat penegak mengidentifikasi 12 spesies burung beo asli , dan dengan demikian klip sayap perdagangan burung ilegal , TRAFFIC India dengan dukungan dari WWF - India telah menghasilkan poster identifikasi berjudul ” Parrots of India di Perdagangan Ilegal . “

(see also: obat burung)

Poster-poster akan dibagikan kepada Kepolisian , Bea Cukai , Departemen Kehutanan , Angkatan Perlindungan Kereta Api dan lembaga pendidikan termasuk sekolah dan perguruan tinggi .

Meskipun larangan sejak 1990-1991 pada perdagangan di segala jenis burung India , ratusan burung beo dikumpulkan dan diperdagangkan setiap tahun di negeri ini .

Mereka diambil dari alam liar dan diselundupkan ke berbagai bagian India dan seterusnya . Sebagian besar perdagangan adalah dalam tiga sampai empat anak ayam umur seminggu .

Parrots tertangkap menggunakan jaring dan burung - kapur . Beo dewasa diperdagangkan sepanjang tahun , dengan anak ayam tiba dalam perdagangan antara Desember dan Juni . Untuk setiap burung yang mencapai pasar , beberapa diyakini mati dalam perjalanan .

Dari 12 spesies asli , delapan secara teratur ditemukan sedang diperdagangkan secara ilegal . Mereka termasuk Alexandrine , Rose bercincin , Plum berkepala , Red - breasted , Malabar , Himalaya dan Finsch yang Parkit dan Vernal Hanging - parrot .

Selama berabad-abad , beo telah disimpan sebagai hewan peliharaan terutama karena mereka mudah untuk menjaga dan mudah untuk mengganti karena jumlah besar dalam perdagangan . Hal ini pada gilirannya menciptakan permintaan yang telah menyebabkan perdagangan ilegal terorganisir dalam beo .

Abrar Ahmed , ahli ilmu burung dan perdagangan konsultan burung TRAFFIC India mengatakan , ” The Parakeet Alexandrine adalah salah satu yang paling dicari setelah spesies di India perdagangan unggas hidup dan diperdagangkan dalam volume besar sepanjang tahun .

" Para anak ayam yang dikumpulkan dari kawasan hutan dan diangkut ke pasar burung di Delhi , Mumbai , Hyderabad , Patna , Lucknow dan Kolkata .

" Banyak spesimen yang diselundupkan oleh dealer India melalui Pakistan , Nepal dan Bangladesh ke pasar burung di berbagai belahan dunia " .

" Mengkhawatirkan , tiga spesies Indian beo - Nicobar , Long - tailed & Derby Parkit - dianggap oleh IUCN sebagai Hampir terancam punah , dengan perdagangan ilegal merupakan ancaman yang signifikan . "

MKS Pasha , Kordinator TRAFFIC India mengatakan : ” Sedikit tahu bahwa favorit dan terkenal kami mithu ’ adalah spesies yang dilindungi di India . Anak-anaknya ditangkap ampun dari alam liar , dan banyak orang untuk tidak membuat ke tujuan akhir mereka . “

" Perdagangan parrot substansial dan terorganisir dengan baik , tetapi dapat dinetralkan melalui tindakan penegakan hukum terpadu di tingkat akar rumput dan kampanye kesadaran massa .

(see also: vitamin burung)

" Poster baru TRAFFIC India merupakan langkah ke arah ini . Kami berharap itu juga akan menginspirasi anak-anak dan orang muda juga, karena mereka adalah orang-orang yang akan mempengaruhi perubahan masa depan dan dapat memainkan peran penting dalam membatasi permintaan untuk satwa liar asli kita . "

source:http://www. traffic .org/